There are times when we all need encouragement or a helping hand. During those times, having someone we can turn to is a tremendous blessing.

Our mission is to foster the feeling of family by caring for one another in good times as well as in times of need. We express the love of Christ by meeting a person’s practical, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

One on One Counseling

Through our One on One counseling, you can receive the personalized help that you need. You can talk through your struggles and receive Godly support, advise, and prayer from someone who stands solidly on biblical principles. Our counselors can help with a range of issues, from men’s and women’s issues to those affecting married couples and the elderly. To inquire about counseling, contact our Pastor or one of our Elders.

Hospital and Home Visits

In the midst of joy or crisis it is good to know someone cares. With an open heart and willing hands, this ministry provides support through personal visits, prayer, administering communion, and phone and/or written communication to individuals in the hospital or confined to their home or a facility.


Assistance is provided to meet the practical needs of individuals within the local church, as well as in the community. We cooperate with God in His plan to restore hope and faith to many. We strive not only to enjoy the goodness of God, but to share it with others.