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Live Streaming Guide

This is a guide for our live streaming viewers. These instructions or steps will guide you to the general troubleshooting if something happens wrong before or during the live stream.

General Troubleshooting

  1. Refresh Page – If live streaming won’t work, refresh your page by pressing f5 or go to your browser’s preferences.
  2. Update Browser – We recommend viewing the video stream on an up-to-date version of Safari or Chrome.
  3. Check Internet Connection and Bandwidth – You can only watch a live stream if you have a consistent internet connection. Shared wi-fi networks, like what you might find at a coffee shop, are often too unreliable to view a live stream without interruption. We recommend viewing on the best possible connection you can find.You can run a speedtest here to determine your download speed. It can be helpful to run the test several times to see if you are getting consistent download speeds.  To view an 720/HD stream, you need download speeds at around 1.5-2Mbps.When possible, plugging in via an ethernet cable can help you avoid the possibility of an inconsistent wireless connection.
  4. Check Computer Resources – A possible cause of choppiness or pausing playback is insufficient CPU resources on the broadcaster or the viewer side. Older computer’s graphics cards may have a difficult time encoding and decoding live and recorded video.  We recommend shutting down all other applications and browser tabs / windows while broadcasting and viewing if you are experiencing playback problems.
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