You Are Invited

Never been to Shiloh? Need a church home? No problem.

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What to expect

What Should I Expect?

As soon as you step into Shiloh you will be greeted by people who will welcome you and even say a prayer for you before you go in. Our environment is warm and friendly and you should notice that immediately. If you come early enough on Sabbath you will be able to enjoy our Sabbath School classes; for both children and adults. Our services are lively and accommodating and will make you feel as though you are a part of the family.

When Do We Meet?

Our service times are:

Saturday (Sabbath School) @ 9:15am

Saturday (Divine Hour) @ 11:00am

Wednesday (Power Night) @ 7:00pm

Are There Services for Kids?

Yes there is. Sabbath mornings we have Sabbath School classes for kids. In the afternoon we have Adventurers Club where the kids meet and participate in art and craft and other fun activities.

What Is The Music Like?

The music at Shiloh is quite exhilarating.  Our wonderful praise team leads out at Praise & Worship time and offer up songs of praise to God while the congregation participates. We are also blessed with having choir for children, youth, and adults which from time to time come together as an awesome mass choir.

Can I Volunteer?

Yes you can! There are many opportunities to volunteer. You can join in our community charity efforts or lend your expertise to various areas of our church.

What If I Have More Questions?

We welcome your questions and we encourage you to ask as many as you want. You can speak to any one of our greeters and even our lovely members. You can also contact us using our online form.

Who We Are

Shiloh is a church that is welcoming to all who desire to learn more about Jesus.

Growing in Christ

Our Mission

There are times when we all need encouragement or a helping hand. During those times, having someone we can turn to is a tremendous blessing.

Our mission is to foster the feeling of family by caring for one another in good times as well as in times of need. We express the love of Christ by meeting a person’s practical, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

One on One Counseling

Through our One on One counseling, you can receive the personalized help that you need. You can talk through your struggles and receive Godly support, advise, and prayer from someone who stands solidly on biblical principles. Our counselors can help with a range of issues, from men’s and women’s issues to those affecting married couples and the elderly. To inquire about counseling, contact our Pastor or one of our Elders.

Hospital and Home Visits

In the midst of joy or crisis it is good to know someone cares. With an open heart and willing hands, this ministry provides support through personal visits, prayer, administering communion, and phone and/or written communication to individuals in the hospital or confined to their home or a facility.


Assistance is provided to meet the practical needs of individuals within the local church, as well as in the community. We cooperate with God in His plan to restore hope and faith to many. We strive not only to enjoy the goodness of God, but to share it with others.

Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therin: for the time is at hand.

Study Resources

Do you have questions about the scriptures? Are you wondering how you can strengthen your belief? Visit the BIBLE RESEARCH INSTITUTE and find a wealth of information concerning bible prophecy, philosophy, science and religion, and other in-depth topics. Build your understanding and find out how to dissect the scriptures and discover truth.

Do you have trouble understanding the scriptures? Not sure what the symbols and codes mean? Visit the PROPHECY CODE and gain knowledge of bible principles; unlock the prophecies and gain access to knowledge of the amazing scriptures.