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The glory of young men is their strength. Proverbs 20:29.

Another precious blessing is proper exercise.23Testimonies for the Church 2:528. Each organ and muscle has its work to do in the living organism. Every wheel in the machinery must be a living, active, working wheel. Nature’s fine and wonderful works need to be kept in active motion in order to accomplish the object for which they were designed.24Testimonies for the Church 3:77, 78.

Bind up an arm, even for a few weeks, then free it from its bands, and you will see that it is weaker than the one you have been using moderately during the same time. Inactivity produces the same effect upon the whole muscular system.

Inactivity is a fruitful cause of disease. Exercise quickens and equalizes the circulation of the blood.25The Ministry of Healing, 237, 238.

For a healthy young man, stern, severe exercise is strengthening to the whole system…. Without such exercise the mind cannot be kept in working order. It becomes inactive, unable to put forth the sharp, quick action that will give scope to its powers….

All the heavenly beings are in constant activity, and the Lord Jesus, in His lifework, has given an example for every one. He went about “doing good.” God has established the law of obedient action. Silent but ceaseless, the objects of His creation do their appointed work. The ocean is in constant motion. The springing grass, which today is, and tomorrow is cast into the oven, does its errand, clothing the fields with beauty. The leaves are stirred to motion, and yet no hand is seen to touch them. The sun, moon, and stars are useful and glorious in fulfilling their mission…. And man, his mind and body created in God’s own similitude, must be active in order to fill his appointed place.26Special Testimonies, Series B 1:28-30.

Action gives power.27Special Testimonies, Series B 1:29.

Note: This daily devotional has been sourced from Ellen G. White Estate.

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