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I thank God for his goodness and for protecting me and my family at this time. Living with this coronavirus has been hard for me as a hairdresser. You see, while many people are asked to work from home, home is my work place.

It’s hard for me because I have three children who now have to be schooled at home/work.

It’s hard also for me financially because I can’t accept any customers in my home because of COVID-19. My customers need to get their hair treated, colored, braided etc. I have to be cautious, I want my family and my customers to be safe. What I do is give them advice over the phone on how to maintain and treat their hair because many of them still have to go out to work and have to look pretty. But God has been good and I stand on his promise that he will supply all my needs. I pray that this pandemic will be over soon and that we can get back to some form normalcy.

by Mumbie McRae.

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