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He giveth to all life, and breath, and all things. Acts 17:25.

Air is the free blessing of heaven, calculated to electrify the whole system.54Testimonies for the Church 1:701.

The lungs are constantly throwing off impurities, and they need to be constantly supplied with fresh air.55The Ministry of Healing, 274.

We are more dependent upon the air we breathe than upon the food we eat. Men and women, young and old, who desire health, and who would enjoy active life, should remember that they cannot have these without a good circulation. Whatever their business and inclinations, they should make up their minds to exercise in the open air as much as they can. They should feel it a religious duty to overcome the conditions of health which have kept them confined indoors, deprived of exercise in the open air.56Counsels on Health, 173.

Air, the precious boon of heaven, which all may have, will bless you with its invigorating influence if you will not refuse it entrance. Welcome it, cultivate a love for it, and it will prove a precious soother of the nerves…. The influence of pure, fresh air is to cause the blood to circulate healthfully through the system. It refreshes the body and tends to render it strong and healthy, while at the same time its influence is decidedly felt upon the mind, imparting a degree of composure and serenity. It excites the appetite and renders the digestion of food more perfect, and induces sound, sweet sleep.57Testimonies for the Church 1:702.

The pure, invigorating air of heaven is God’s free gift to men and women, and it is impossible for them to be cheerful, healthful, and happy unless they appreciate these rich bounties and allow them to answer the purpose for which they were designed.58The Health Reformer, April 1872.

Note: This daily devotional has been sourced from Ellen G. White Estate.

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