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The question was asked: How do you feel as a child handling the Pandemic, being home from school?

I am a teenager bursting with energy yet I feel somewhat downcast. Things are that way because I am shut inside and plus I am also somewhat nervous about going outside – all because of the Coronavirus Pandemic.  I say all of this because I have an asthmatic condition and I am considered high risk and more likely to come down with the virus than other teenagers who don’t have my condition. In addition, my mom works at a hospital (she is a frontline worker) so that comes with more risks. We have to be very careful to practice all the proper procedures so that many times I cannot come too close to her.

Schools are closed so I have to attend classes online. That is somewhat different than being in the classroom but I am used to technology so things are not so hard. I prefer the live classes but I am thanking God for still being able to attend school. I notice that many of my classmates seem to be having a tough time keeping up with the online classes. Perhaps they need to get used to technology.

I am trusting God. I pray to Him everyday for the victory and I will continue to pray to Him and to trust Him. We must keep the faith and not give up. God will grant us victory. Putting our trust in God and allowing Him into our life is the most important decision that we can take particularly in this current situation.

by Gareth Gustave

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