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All praises to Jehovah-Nissi, God who gives victory against the flesh, the world, and the devil. Our battles are His battles of good against evil, and light against darkness.

I must say it’s been a journey. It began back in the middle of March with just a little cough and extended through bouts of short breath, tingling and tightness of chest, the racing of my heart and unusual elevated blood pressure, but God kept me. Even when my blood sugar spiked to outrageous figures, God kept me!

Itchy hives consumed almost my entire body, while at the same time pain was tugging at me – grabbing my muscles and organs – through this period of daily agony, God you kept me!

When the veins on my legs felt like they were on fire and I could not sleep or walk, God kept me!

Through sleepless nights, worried and afraid of the unknown, God kept me!

As physical and mental anguish of the storm of corona virus raged in me, my God, you kept me!

Does Jesus care? O, yes He cares!
I KNOW He cares!!
He showed me his care with a loving family, a wonderful church family, prayer warriors and faithful friends who showed up and showed out!
Through them He kept me!

My Children whose faith seemed quite unwavering , when I would hear from them “mommy you would be alright” their faith had found a resting place. And Lord you did not disappoint them because God, you kept me!

My Mother, Father my siblings and their families and my wonderful relatives they called, texted, prayed and supporting in what ever way they could have at their distance. Through them, God kept me!

My Shiloh Church Family what would I have done without them; their constant prayers with me and for me. Their time, gifts, and even physical support. Yes, through them, He kept me!

What a wonderful savior is Jesus my Lord!

God promised in Isaiah 33:16 that our bread would be given and our water would be sure. Yes I can attest to that; for all those weeks when I was unable to work, He placed the desire in the hearts of family, church members and friends  to assist me in what ever way they were able to. Yes, he did! God He kept me!

In Malachi 3:10, He says to bring our tithes and offering into the Store House and PROVE Him. He promised to open the  windows of Heaven and pour out a blessing for which we won’t have room enough to receive. I claimed that promise and I do believe it! And God showed me that His word would not return to Him void.

My Jehovah Rohi, He is my shepherd!
My Jehovah-Nissi, He protected me!
Jehovah Jireh, He provided for me!
My Jehovah Rapha, He healed me!
Yes He kept me!

by Denise Noel

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